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A Cunning Plan

Estate agents are great problem solvers but Perry Blakshaw of Blackshaw Homes thinks that we all should have a little extra special help with the property market this Christmas and knows just who to ask.   Dear Santa,   You might think it unusual to find a letter from an estate agent ...

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Spring Into Action

In property there are top-down people and bottom-up people. The top-down people seem to believe that it is the wealthy who drive the property market.   On the other hand, the bottom-up people think that first time buyers drive the market. They think market entrants kick-start the chain of ...

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Waiting in Hope?

If your property is currently on the market, it may be tempting to assume that your agent is in full control of the situation, and that sooner or later a buyer will materialise. But don’t be so sure! Sometimes an agent will take the same view and simply sit in hope, having apparently exha...

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Predicting The Present

And looks instead at what is actually happening to the property market at the moment.A recent survey by a national estate agency group revealed that over fifty per cent of home buyers make a buying decision during their first viewing. Any experienced estate agent would say that they don’t...

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Reading the Market

It has been a trying two years since the Brexit referendum. No market likes uncertainty, and the property market is no exception. It is hard to think of an event in recent memory that has fostered so much worry and confusion over such a prolonged period. However, as we (hopefully) reach the Br...

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A Year On

   Covid19 has changed many things in our lives. It has altered our outlook, our expectations and our ambitions, and it has changed the way we live or want to live.   Over the past year we have experienced this in an evolving list of property buyers’ aspirations. Oh, the usua...

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Keep The Home Fires Burning

In his spring 2021 Budget the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak, has chosen to keep the fire under the property market well and truly alight.   The UK is now experiencing a property buying demand reminiscent of a 1970s or 1980s type boom. We know there’s a property boom when a...

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Happy 2021

In the property market, 2021 will be a far cry from 2020. 2021 will be a time of renewal and fresh opportunities.   2020 started with a bang. Brexit had passed an enormous hurdle and the property market responded quickly - but by the end of March, nothing. We were in lockdown. The market...

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Just Time for a Quickie

Paul Blackshaw of Blackshaw Homes gives some important advice for all those rushing to buy or sell a property by 31st March next year.   When time is short, there’s always a quickie. A quick drink with friends or even a quick divorce can be very satisfying.   ...

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Lessons Learned

As the second wave of Covid19 affects lives, Paul Blackshaw from Blackshaw Homes looks at what it augurs for the property market.   One thing that has proved to be resistant to Covid19 is the property market, which has if anything fed off the pandemic.   Looking back at t...

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